Google Fiber Bringing High-Speed Internet to Portland

Google Fiber Bringing High-Speed Internet to Portland

High-Speed Internet

The long-standing dream of enjoying high Internet speeds could become a reality to residents of Portland very soon.

This is after Google Fiber showed all clear indications of venturing into the area that has lagged behind over the years in internet services. The Oregonian reports that Google Fiber has already begun the formal application process for putting its networking equipment in Portland.

This is the clearest signal that the company may soon actualize plans to offer super-fast internet service in Portland. For some time now, it has been very obvious that Google intends to go ahead with offering fiber-optic service in Portland but the question was when that will happen. “The company has begun hiring a local staff, it’s won tax breaks for the service and it’s been meeting with Portland land-use planners to map out its network,” the report said.

The report further opines that Google has gotten in contact with about two neighborhood associations in a bid to get clearance to serve their communities. Hillsdale in Southwest Portland and Montavilla in Southeast are coming out as the associations that Google is targeting but rumor has it that many more could be lined up for similar contacts.

Some of the residents have also confirmed having been in direct contact with Google and they have indicated at a possibility of getting fully on board by summer. The company had planned its initial move in 2014 but it nearly collapsed following a contentious ruling on an obscure state tax by an Oregon Supreme Court. In 2015, the legislature came to the rescue after creating an exemption which the company is keen to leverage on this year.

It is not yet understood the total cost of the new venture by Google Fiber but it could run into millions of dollars by the time the whole plan is over.

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