Google Fiber Rolls Out 1 Gbps Internet in Huntsville

Google Fiber Rolls Out 1 Gbps Internet in Huntsville

1 Gbps Internet

Google Fiber has begun installing fiber in Huntsville, Alabama to support its low-priced 1 Gbps Internet service.

The rollout will be completed in mid-2017 and Google Fiber will provide its 1 Gbps service to residents and small to medium-sized businesses. They plan to cover the entire city within four years in the seemingly ambitious plan.

The company said it will seek to leverage the fiber network that will be built by local utility company Huntsville Utilities, which will own the planned dark fiber network. FierceTelecom reported that Huntsville Utilities will lease access on the network to Google Fiber, which in turn will connect customers to a FTTH Internet service.

“To date, we’ve built the majority of our Google Fiber networks from scratch,” Google said in a statement. “But over the past five years, we’ve repeatedly seen that every city is unique. So in order to bring Fiber to more people, we’ve taken different approaches in different places.” Utility crews have already begun laying the main line cables that will connect to distribution hubs where service providers who want to lease capacity on the network will be able to connect to the middle mile network.

The installation of the distribution network is set to start this summer and will include hubs and collocation points where Google Fiber and other service providers like AT&T and Comcast could connect to get network access.  Crews began laying the large, main line cables which will eventually connect to distribution hubs where companies who wish to lease capacity will connect to the system.

Installation of the distribution network is slated to begin this summer. Huntsville’s new open access middle mile network is part of a year-long process the city began in 2015 when it started to look for ways to entice broadband providers like Google Fiber to come to its city by issuing a request for information (RFI).

1 Gbps Google Fiber in Huntsville, Alabama


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