Google Fiber Stays Put in Brookhaven

Google Fiber Stays Put in BrookhavenBarely a month after Brookhaven’s Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) denied Google Fiber a stream buffer variance request, it has emerged that they are exploring a second location for a Fiber Hut within the City of Brookhaven.

In their request, Google Fiber wanted to construct another fiber hut on a City parkland site and they appear not to have given up. Their request was to reduce the 75 foot stream buffer to 25 feet in Parkside Park, which is located at 1316 Dresden Drive, adjacent to DeKalb County Firestation #2.

In order to service the entire City of Brookhaven, there must be two strategically placed huts – each capable of servicing about 20,000 installations which made their request impossible to approve. A spokesperson from the company told The Brookhaven Post that they are yet to settle on the ideal location with the search continuing in earnest.

“Fiber huts are a crucial part of building a fiber network, and will ultimately allow us to bring superfast Internet to residents and businesses throughout Metro Atlanta. We’ll continue exploring potential sites for our fiber huts so we can bring Google Fiber to the Brookhaven community.” Each Google Fiber Hut services approximately 20,000 customers.

There is currently a Hut under construction in Blackburn Park that will effectively service the “northern side” of Brookhaven. A search for a location to construct a second Hut that is necessary to service the “southern side” of Brookhaven is under way.

The City of Brookhaven had to fill out and submit all of the required paperwork to Google through the vetting process over a year or so ago. Included in that paperwork were possible locations for Google to construct the hut and plan their network. Chris Carpenter, a consultant with Google Fiber has confirmed that the company has been working together with the city for over two years.

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