Google Gets Extension from the European Union

Google Gets Extension from the European Union

Google Gets Extension from the European Union

Google has been given an extension as concerns its court case with the European Union. The search engine company has to answer a case before the anti-trust authority where it’s accused of abuse of powers. The extension for two weeks gives Google time to counter charges with the EU where it is accused of abusing its market powers in some EU countries. The response by Google to this case is very important because if it loses the case the popular search engine company could end up losing billions of Euros in fines.

Previously, Google was supposed to reply to the charges the latest July 17th, but now the company has earned a reprieve until August 31st. The August 31st date is the second extension that Google has received from the EU as the first hearing date was on the 7th of July, which was extended further.

In the EU case against Google on abuse of powers, the search engine company is accused of distorting search results in favor of its shopping services. According to the Commission, Google has asked for more time to respond to the accusations to, “fully exercise its rights of defense”.

High Probability of Google Losing Case

According to experts, a case such as the one between EU and Google rarely yield positive results. Hence, the fact that Google has asked for two extensions so far is a good move as the company needs to prepare its defense properly. The charges against Google of distorting search engine results are a result of a five-year probe. Google has tried to settle the case for three times so far without any success.

If Google loses its case with the EU, it is likely to lose a lot of money. Normally, the EU fines errant companies huge amounts of money as a way of deterring other companies from committing similar offenses. According to experts, the EU antitrust authority can fine Google up to 10 percent of its total global turnover if the company is found guilty.

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