High Internet Speeds for Mifflinburg from Atlantic Broadband

High Internet Speeds for Mifflinburg from Atlantic Broadband

High Internet Speeds Atlantic Broadband

Atlantic Broadband has started offering faster residential and business Internet speeds in Mifflinburg and surrounding communities.

This is part of the company’s ongoing service enhancements in the area with a long-term vision to become the best. Effective May 3, Atlantic Broadband is offering  residential  and  business Internet speeds of up to 120 Mbps/10 Mbps, which is 8 times faster on download speeds than  what was previously available ( 15 Mbps/ 1.5 Mbps).

Consumers can now download movies and TV shows as well as play online games faster than ever before. For businesses, these new speeds will help increase overall productivity and efficiency. Atlantic Broadband Senior Vice President and General Manager Curt Kosko said they have a good understanding of what their customers need. (Read full press release: https://atlanticbb.com/sites/default/files/tiny_mce/files/D3_speed_increase_Mifflinburg_FINAL.pdf )

“We understand the need for both quick access and reliability when it comes to our customer’s Internet speeds. We are committed to staying one step ahead of today’s active internet user and many steps ahead of our competition. We believe that the availability of our newly enhanced Internet speeds will do just that, deliver the fastest speeds available to area.”

Atlantic Broadband’s new residential Internet speeds are available with 12-month promotional pricing as low as $29.99/month on the new 30 Mbps Express internet service. The new 50 Mbps Pro Advantage business Internet service is available now for as low as $69.99/month for three years. With the speed increase, residential speeds for existing customer will double, and existing business service speeds will increase by 5x. These existing customer speed changes will occur automatically at no extra cost in the next 60 days.

The company currently  provides TV, internet, and phone  services to  approximately 246,000  television service customers  located  in  five  operating  regions:  Western  Pennsylvania,  Miami Beach, Maryland/Delaware,  Aiken, S.C., and  Eastern  Connecticut.  Atlantic Broadband is headquartered in Quincy, Massachusetts.

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