High speed Satellite Internet Solutions for Rural and Remote Areas of Oregon

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Notepad, computer and laptop users in rural or remote areas of Oregon State will soon be offered the option of switching from their slow Internet service to a high speed satellite Internet solution.  Hughes.net is a satellite service company offering high speed connectivity capable of exceeding traditional DSL Internet speeds. The company plans to offer download speeds of 15 Mbps with an unlimited phone service option to residential areas in and around Oregon.

Some of the benefits offered by Satellite High Speed include powerful download speeds (15 Mbps) and upload speeds (2 Mbps), a faster service compared to rural DSL and dial-up, availability in areas where DSL and cable are not, no requirement for a landline phone, low rates and unlimited phone call option across Canada and US.

In Oregon State a majority of Internet subscribers are still hooked to the old dial up connection or the traditional DSL line. However, with the help of Satellite Internet consumers can have the freedom of opting to modern connectivity with the added advantage of budget friendly monthly plans. Steve Sramek, authorized satellite retailer in the area said, ‘where you live should not be a determinant of the quality of Internet services you get. We want people to understand that with this service they can have high speed Internet no matter where they are’. With an Internet speed at least three times speedier than cable or DSL services, this option will be highly welcome by people living in many of the remote locations which do not have any sort of Internet service at all.

Some of the counties earmarked to receive the new high speed Internet service include Baker, Clackamas, Columbia, Coos, Benton, Clatsop, Grant, Harney, Douglas, Curry, Crook, Umatilla, Union, Wheeler, Yamhill, Washington, Wasco, Polk, Jackson, Hood River and Morrow among some others.

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