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HughesNet Gen4 Satellite Service Ranks High in FCC Report

HughesNet Gen4 Satellite Service Ranks High in FCC ReportHughesNet Gen4 satellite broadband service was ranked first for delivering on advertised performance promises in the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) fifth annual report on consumer broadband services.

Titled “Measuring Broadband America – 2015”, the report was issued on December 30, 2015 and placed HughesNet on top of other major internet service providers. HughesNet is America’s number one satellite broadband service with more than 1 million subscribers, and is delivered by Hughes Network Systems, LLC (Hughes), the world’s leading provider of broadband satellite solutions and services.

A press statement from HughesNet said that the FCC report evaluated satellite, DSL, cable and fiber Internet access services from 16 providers, covering over 80% of the U.S. residential marketplace. It found that the HughesNet Gen4 service exceeded advertised download and upload speeds at higher rates than any other satellite or terrestrial broadband provider.

Download speeds were consistently more than twice advertised, even during peak usage times. Similarly, upload speeds were more than 1.5 times advertised speed. Mike Cook, the senior vice president, North America Division at Hughes said it was gratifying to be ranked the best provider in America. Cook said they will strive to be better always by making sure their customers are satisfied to their best.

“The FCC’s report is especially gratifying because it confirms that HughesNet Gen4 consistently delivers on the performance promised to our customers. It gives validation to our entire team of engineers, technicians, customer service representatives, channel partners and installers who work tirelessly to bring the many benefits of Internet access to our ever growing base of subscribers, no matter where they live or work.”

This is the first time HughesNet Gen4 has been evaluated in the “Measuring Broadband America” report. It is published annually by the FCC to document the evolution of broadband service quality, including download and upload speeds and the performance of specific applications, such as web browsing, VoIP, and streaming video.

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