Internet Crime Prevention Tips

Internet Crime Prevention Tips

Internet Crime Prevention Tips

Internet Crime Prevention Tips

 by Dan Karas

In spite of the fact that most of us think that we would never succumb to something similar to this, Internet crime is something very real, and something we are faced with each and every time we start using the World Wide Web. Fake lotteries, spam messages offering you thousands or even millions of dollars, fraudulent promotions, and identity thefts – all of these might seem unreal, but this is exactly why so many people fall victim to Internet crime. If you would like to avoid being the victim of any type of Internet crime, read on to find some great tips on how to prevent the most common Internet crimes.


Spam Messages

If you own an email address, there is no way you haven’t received a spam message. Furthermore, there has been research which claimed that more than 90% of email messages sent throughout the world turn out to be spam messages, as well as that only one person in 12 million answers spam messages. So, remember to never open or answer any spam messages or any email messages that sound too good to be true; never disclose any information about yourself such as name, address, phone and credit card number and so on; never give out your email address to anyone who asks for it; always have more than one email address. By following these tips, the chances you will be tricked through spam messages will be greatly reduced.


Fake Lotteries

Most of us would like to win a lottery and stop struggling to make ends meet every month. This is the main reason why many people persuade themselves to believe in fake lotteries. First of all, you have to think if you have even entered a lottery before you believe you are the lucky winner. Aside from this, be aware that no lottery will ask of you to make any upfront payments in order to be awarded the grand prize. Federal law says that you are not allowed to enter any lottery programs in foreign countries via email or phone, so this is another great reason to steer clear from email lotteries or online lotteries in general.


Online Payments and Credit Card Fraud

Online shopping has become very popular today, and most of the online purchases are made with credit cards. If you are using your credit card online, make sure that the site you are using is trustworthy, and do this by doing some research and finding out everything you can about the site in question. What’s more, if you are asked to give out your credit card information via unsolicited emails, never agree to do this.



In a nutshell, if you are using the Internet on a regular basis, be it for business purposes, shopping online, or even simply having fun, you should always be aware of the following: use the World Wide Web responsibly. Much like the real world, the Internet is full of scammers and people who are always on the lookout for new victims, and you should do everything you can to avoid being caught in this trap.


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