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ISWest Offers Los Angeles T1 Line Customers 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

T1 Line Quote

T1 Line Quote

California based telecom provider ISWest made a recent announcement saying it will offer Los Angeles customers a 30 day satisfaction guarantee in keeping with its promise to provide the best data collection in the city. The company has supreme confidence in its T1 line solutions that every new customer with a T1 line connection will be able to take advantage of this offer. A recent press release making this announcement has stated that ISWest has strong perceptions of the significance of providing reliable Internet connection to customers as and every time they need the services of the Internet. For this reason, ISWest is prepared to dedicate its efforts in setting up and maintaining an absolutely high quality Internet connectivity that can be availed from anywhere.

The press release mentions that it is the wish of every Internet user to have a ‘fast’ surfing experience. However, the term ‘fast’ has different implications to different users. The aim of ISWest is to ensure that its customers are provided with a T1 line service geared to suit their needs in the best possible manner and to ensure that each business is provided with a service that is ‘fast’ enough to match their particular needs. The ISWest T1 lines are compatible for a range of services including web based applications, browsing email, video and VoIP services. The company is a leading data collocation provider in Los Angeles providing cloud server services, data center services and associated solutions to many business enterprises in the area. The company’s cloud servers form a component of a redundant server pool where storage of data can be configured according to the needs of different clients ranging from local mom and pop shops to the high end international Fortune 500 Companies. According to a company spokesperson the average cloud servers deploys less than 40% of their total capability while expecting customers to pay the full 100% of the associated cost. In the case of ISWest customers are provided with tailor made resource solutions including memory, storage and processing to fit their particular business needs.

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