Linksys Velop Whole Home WiFi Mesh System

Linksys Velop Whole Home WiFi Mesh System

Looking for a simple solution for slow and problem WiFi in your home?

The Linksys Velop Tri-band AC6600 Whole Home WiFi Mesh System might be just the ticket to solve your WiFi problems. The Linksys Velop is a high performance modular tri-band WiFi mesh system that makes complex networking setup unnecessary to provide strong WiFi in problem areas.

The modular Velop design automatically configures tri-band communication between the nodes in your WiFi environment to ensure high WiFi speeds in all areas.  The new WiFi mesh design is comparable to competing mesh WiFi systems from top manufacturers such as Netgear Orbi, Eero, AmpliFi HD and Luma. You can read the ISP 1 Eero Home WiFi review here.

Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi Solution Video from Linksys

The Linksys Velop is due to be released in mid January of 2017 and you can check current pricing by clicking the button below. We like to examine the customer reviews, however the Linksys Velop AC6600 is in pre-release, so there are no reviews yet.


Check Current Linksys Velop Tri-band AC6600 Whole Home WiFi Mesh System Price

Linksys Velop System Setup

The Velop WiFi system is dead simple to setup – 4 easy steps.

  1. Download the Linksys App
  2. Connect to Your ISP Modem
  3. Name WiFi & Create Password
  4. Place Velop Nodes Throughout Your Home

You can download the Linksys App for iOS or Android here.

Linksys video showing how easy it is to set up the Velop.

Linksys Velop ImageSleek Compact Styling

The beautiful sleek styling and small size of the Velop units ensure that you can put them wherever needed for optimal wireless performance. The Velop has a 88% smaller footprint than a traditional router. The integrated cable management system ensures unsightly cable connections are hidden and the modern tower design styling looks good even when placed in plain sight.

Tri-Band Mesh WiFi Technology

The Velop uses state of the art Dynamic Tri-Band Mesh WiFi technology to deliver the fastest speeds to multiple wireless devices. It accomplishes this by using three separate WiFi radios, each tuned for optimal performance. The Velop nodes communicate with each other so they can provide 100% of the WiFi speed to all areas as opposed to conventional WiFi extenders which lose up to 50% of the available wireless speed.

Modular WiFi System

The modular design of the Velop system overcomes typical problem WiFi situations such as multi-story homes, basements and brick walls, and large area WiFi coverage. You simply add additional Velop nodes to work around walls, problem areas, or multiple stories.

Each node of a Linksys Velop system can cover 2000 SF, so a 3 unit system can provide high speed WiFi to a 6000 SF area.

Mobile WiFi Management

Using the Linksys mobile App you can remotely customize, manage and monitor from anywhere at anytime using your smartphone. You can create a separate guest network, and share the WiFi password via text message or email. You also have full control of common router features such as viewing or editing the WiFi SSID or password, adding or checking connected devices, rebooting the router, checking for firmware updates, and more.

Works with Amazon Alexa

Amazon Alexa voice control support is hot. Read our recent post about Amazon Alexa Smart Home Automation.  The Linksys Velop Home WiFi System has Alexa support. Just say “Alexa, ask Linksys how to connect to my WiFi,” and Amazon Alexa helps you log on to your Velop home WiFi in no time.

How to connect the Velop with Alexa video

Getting guests online is a snap with Velop and Amazon Alexa. Using the command, Alexa, ask Linksys to turn on my guest WiFi,” you can turn on your guest WiFi, and even ask Alexa for the network name and password.

How to turn on Velop’s guest Wi-Fi with Alexa video


Linksys Velop Connections

Linksys Velop Connections

Linksys Velop Connections

    1. Reset button – Press to reset the router to its factory defaults and hold for about six (6) seconds until the light on top of the node turns red, fades and flashes bright red again.
    2. Ethernet ports – Two (2) Gigabit Ethernet ports – configurable as one (1) WAN and one (1) LAN for the first node, and two (2) LAN for the remaining nodes.
    3. Power switch – Press to power the node ON or OFF.
    4. Power port – Connect the included AC power adapter to this port.


Velop Technical Specifications

Wi-Fi Technology:  Tri-Band AC2200 (867 + 867 + 400 Mbps)‡ with MU-MIMO and 256 QAM

Key Features:

  • Simultaneous Tri-Band Wi-Fi Mesh System
  • Seamless Wi-Fi
  • Easy App Controls
  • 3-Year Warranty and Support
  • AutoFix & Instant Alerts
  • Works with Alexa

Wi-Fi Bands:  Simultaneous Tri-Band (2.4Ghz + 5GHz + 5GHz)
Number of Ethernet Ports:  2x WAN/LAN auto-sensing Gigabit Ethernet ports
Antennas:  6x internal antennas and high powered amplifiers
Processor:  716 MHz Quad Core
Memory:  4 GB Flash and 512 MB RAM
Wireless Encryption:  WPA2 personal
Easy Setup:  Simple and secured App based set-up
Required for set-up: (1) Internet connection with Modem. (2) Mobile device with Android 4.4 or iOS 8 and higher, Bluetooth preferred.
Dimensions (LxWxH):  3.1″ x 3.1″ x 7.3″ per Node
Security Features:  WPA2 personal
Additional Information:  Bluetooth 4.0/LE for secure and easy App based set-up
Beamforming: for 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands

Velop Downloads

Velop (WHW0301, WHW0302, WHW0303) Downloads

Linksys VELOP Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi System Support Page


Our Review Recommendation

The Velop System is a bit pricey and not for everyone. If you have a large home with problem WiFi and want one of the best WiFi solutions currently available, then the Linksys Velop might be just what you need.

However if you have a smaller home or the Velop is beyond your budget, then take a look at our review of the TP-Link Archer C7 . The Archer C7 is the best value high-performance dual band router that we currently recommend.

The Velop is due to be released in mid January of 2017 and you can check current Linksys Velop Tri-band AC6600 Whole Home WiFi Mesh System pricing by clicking the button below. We will update this review after release of the product.


Check Current Linksys Velop Tri-band AC6600 Whole Home WiFi Mesh System Price

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