Netflix Reveals Ranking of ISPs Video Streaming Services

Netflix Reveals Ranking of ISPs Video Streaming Services

Netflix Reveals Ranking of ISPs Video Streaming Services

Netflix monitors the streaming performance of ISPs all over the world based on the streaming of its videos. The speed and stability of broadband services contribute to the quality of video streaming experienced by clients of ISPs. Recently, Netflix released the results of yet another research of ISP video streaming speeds across the world.

Topping the list of recent Netflix research is Cox Communications closely followed by Cable vision through its Optimum platform. Cable vision was followed by Verizon FIOS. Cox, Cable vision and Verizon FIOS remain top among all ISPs when it comes to streaming services. The top tier of ISP, as shown by Netflix results, is pretty much the same as it was in the last results.

Charter Communications Doing Well on Netflix Rankings

However, the situation may not remain the same in the next Netflix results. One ISP is seriously contesting the dominance of Cox, Cable vision and Verizon at the helm of Netflix ranking results. Charter Communications jumped up two places higher this time than it was the last time to the fourth position. However, some ISPs are not doing so well as concerns the quality of their video streaming services. The companies that are at the bottom of Netflix ranking results are Clearwire, Verizon DSL and Centurylink.

However, when it comes to ranking of streaming services based on countries, Netflix noted that Canada is outperforming the USA in terms of performance. In Canada, Bell which operates on Fiber achieved an average speed of 3.73 Mbps compared to Cox at the helm in the USA with 3.62 Mbps average speed. When it comes to best speeds worldwide, Switzerland topped the list with 4.43 Mbps, which is provided by Improware ISP. Worldwide the lowest video streaming speeds according to Netflix are in Costa Rica, which manages speeds of 1.654 Mbps.

Netflix research on ISP streaming services is very important because streaming speeds determine the experience of watching videos. We can only wait for the next results to see if there will be any change in results.

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