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Wireless Internet at Sea


Many people go on a cruise to get away from things and relax; hence, it is very hard to access Internet services while on a cruise. Anyone who attempts to access Internet on a cruise always has to contend with high prices for Internet access and has to do with slow speeds.

This is about to change as Carnival Corp. recently unveiled a hybrid broadband wireless service dubbed WiFi@Sea. The service will provide stable Internet access and speeds to customers on cruises. The company claims it will provide Internet speed connectivity at ten times the available speeds at present. In fact, the management of the cruise company has said that the speeds may be faster than those on land in free Wi-Fi locations in places such as Starbucks.

How The WiFi@Sea Will Work

The WiFi@Sea will work by relying on satellites and will switch between using land-based antennas along certain cruise ports, port WiFi systems and satellites to make sure customers get seamless quality Internet access. The company says that they will use any method providing good Internet connectivity depending on where the ship is located at a particular time hence the need to work with different mediums.

Already the WiFi at sea has been operating on ten ships as a pilot program for the last eighteen months. Guest satisfaction with the services is said to be fifty percent higher than it was with normal Internet services offered before. Although it is now available on select cruise ships in the Caribbean, the company hopes to expand the services across all of its nine brands by 2016. The pricing packages will vary based on the ISP one uses to access the Internet. This will be a welcome addition to cruise services for people who would like a little contact with the mainland even as they enjoy the joys of being at sea.


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