Poll Reveals Young People Would Be Happier With Less Social Media Use

Poll Reveals Young People Would Be Happier With Less Social Media Use

Young People Happier With Less Social Media

Although social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are the main hangout for young people these days, a recent research shows that it makes many of them feel, jealous, inadequate and ugly. The poll came from the disabled charity known as Scope” and was done on about 1500 social media users.

According to the findings, 62 percent of the people polled said that social sites such as Facebook made them feel inadequate about their lives. Although many of them said that they feel better connected and are amused by the postings of other people on social media, almost a third of them said that they felt lonely whenever they looked at social media feeds from other people.

Young People Adversely Affected By Social Media Addiction

The findings are very sad in a time when people between the ages of 18 and 34 have been found to be three times likely to get addicted to social media. This means that even if being on social media makes them feel bad, sometimes they are still addicted to it which makes for a dangerous trend. Why would you be addicted to something that makes you feel bad about yourself?

The fact that this is happening to the youth, many of which have committed suicide, as a result of being bullied on social media is equally saddening. Although many people in the same age bracket say that they would like to stop being on social media, they say that the problem with this is that it’s hard to keep connected with others as most people they know are on social media and they need to keep in touch with them regularly. Some people have no good reason for spending mindless hours on social media and confess that they cannot stay away as they feel addicted to using these sites anyway.

This survey has been conducted ahead of a fundraising event organized by Scope. It looks at encouraging people to give up using technology for 48hours effectively keeping them away from social media for two days. It will be interesting to see what gains are gathered from the initiative.


Social media users feel ‘ugly, inadequate and jealous’


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