Russian Crime Ring Grabs Internet Credentials

Russian Crime Ring Grabs Internet Credentials

Russian Crime Ring Grabs Internet Credentials

A Russian crime ring has stolen more than a billion Internet credentials that include 500 million email addresses and 1.2 billion passwords. The data breach has been discovered by Hold Security a research firm that specializes in such matters with a strong track record of discovering data breaches. The stolen data is said to have been accessed from over 400,000 websites of well-known companies and small Internet sites.

Hold Security is well-respected when it comes to such matters. It was responsible for the disclosure of 153 million stolen credentials that were taken from Adobe Systems last October. Now, it has publicized this hack that has resulted in the capture of over a billion Internet credentials, but is reluctant to say which companies were affected citing nondisclosure agreements. However, at the request of the New York Times, a security expert not associated with Hold Security has confirmed the fact that the data provided by Hold Security is real.

Data Insecurity Rampant

This is not the first time that hackers have stolen data from a number of high profile companies as it has been happening a lot. Last year, 40 million credit card numbers were stolen from Target customers. In the last half year, six people have been indicted for being connected to a cyber-crime ring that defrauded StubHub of $1 million. Although only six people were indicted for the crime, it was determined that the ring was made up of identity thieves and money launderers located in different parts of the world.

According to data security specialists, hackers are anxious to get their hands on people’s data of any kind. With them, every item of data is a commodity they can turn into money. Even as businesses work hard to strengthen security, hackers are now getting savvier and gaining easy access to the websites of major companies and small companies alike. As a result, companies have been advised to constantly monitor their systems and carryout threat assessments frequently to ensure their security systems are not violated.


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