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Charter Spectrum Internet Assist Low Income Internet

Spectrum Internet Assist

Charter’s Spectrum Internet Assist is among the fastest of the low income Internet assistance programs available. Spectrum Internet Assist boasts 30 Mbps broadband Internet speeds with no monthly data caps and free modem rental. However, at $14.99 per month, the price is also slightly higher than competing cable Internet provider’s low income programs such as Comcast Internet Essentials or Cox Connect2Compete which are priced at $9.95 and include a free WiFi router. Charter charges an additional $5.00 per month to rent a WiFi router.

In case you didn’t know, Charter Communications recently merged with Time-Warner Cable and Bright House Networks. The new marketing name will be Spectrum. The new company is now the second largest cable provider in America, serving over 24 million customers and employing over 90,000.

“Charter is excited to bring a whole new world of digital access and opportunity to hundreds of thousands of low income families and seniors. Spectrum Internet Assist is an important next step in providing true high-speed connections to those who would otherwise continue to face digital inequality in this country,”

“It’s important for cable and broadband providers like us to play a role in bridging the digital divide so that everyone has access to the information and tools they need to succeed in today’s economy,” said Tom Rutledge, Chairman and CEO, Charter Communications.

Spectrum Internet Assist Requirements

In order to qualify for the Spectrum Internet Assist discount,  a resident at the service address must be eligible for one of the following programs:

In addition to the requirements above prospective Spectrum Internet Assist enrollees must also meet these three criteria.

  1. You can’t have any unreturned equipment or outstanding debt within the last year with Charter, Time Warner Cable or Bright House Networks.
  2.  You cannot have had a broadband Internet service subscription with Charter, Time Warner Cable or Bright House Networks within 60 days of signing up.
  3. Obviously, you must reside in an area serviced by Spectrum High Speed Internet.

Discounted Internet Assist Features

  • 30 Mbps Download Speeds
  • No Monthly Data Caps
  • Free Internet Modem
  • Free Self Install
  • No Contract Required
  • Low Cost – $14.99 per Month

The Spectrum Internet Assist Internet package also includes all standard features such as, Security Suite, Email Accounts, etc.

Charter Spectrum WiFi is an additional $5.00 per month.

ISP 1 TIP: Wireless router’s are inexpensive, and you can purchase your own WiFi router to save the additional $5.00 fee.

Internet Assist – Apply Here

To apply for the Internet assist program visit the Spectrum Internet Assist Website .

You may also call the Spectrum Internet Assist toll-free helpline at 1-844-525-1574

Previous Low Income Internet Plans

The status of previous low income Internet programs such as the $9.95 Time Warner Cable’s Starter Internet service or Bright House Networks Connect2Compete $9.95 Internet are unknown at this time. It is suspected with the merger of the companies that these previous programs will be phased out in favor of the new $14.99 Charter’s Spectrum Internet Assist program.

Not in the Spectrum Internet Service Area?

If you are a low income family that needs access to low cost Internet but does not live in the Charter Spectrum service area, Check out our listing of other Low Income Internet Programs.

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