Speed Up Your Dial Up Connection? Top 7 Tips

Want to Speed Up Your Dial Up Connection?

If you’re using a slow dial up connection to access the Internet, following these 7 simple tips will ensure that web content is delivered as fast as possible to your Internet browser.

  1. Make sure you are using a 56k modem – Use the Windows Device Manager to check the dial up modem’s properties. Go to the modem manufacturer’s website and verify you’re using the current firmware for your model.
  2. Use Internet accelerator software – Most dial up ISPs provide an accelerated or high-speed dial up service. Check with your dial up provider to see if this option is available to you.
  3. Scan for malware – Spyware and adware are definite computer speed killers. Free programs to scan and remove malware can be downloaded from the Internet. Make sure to use a reputable one such as Malwarebytes.
  4. Turn of unnecessary add-ins – Add-ins such as toolbars, instant messaging programs, weather updates, etc. will slow your dial up connection down. Disable all programs that you don’t absolutely need or prevent them from starting up automatically.
  5. Try a new browser – Newer browsers are quicker and more efficient, and addins such as AdBlock Plus for Mozila Firefox can automatically block unwanted advertisements from loading, thus speeding up your Internet connection.
  6. Use a pop up blocker – Unnecessary pop ups waste precious bandwidth. Most newer browsers include built in pop up blockers, or offer free addins that manage unwanted pop-ups and advertisements.
  7. Let updates run before you browse – Make your Internet connection before you’re ready to start browsing. This will give auto-updating programs such as Windows update and anti-virus programs time to download necessary updates and make your browsing experience faster.

Want Faster Dial-Up Internet Service?

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charles carpenter says May 15, 2010

I’ve had earthlink for years———but they are now down to 46.9 and 50.6 if I am lucky!!!! AND——– $ 21.95 for a slow isp!!!!!!!!!!!

jo says June 2, 2010

I’m normally down to 44 – 45 on a landline and dialup. I use one $10 a month isp.

Pam says November 7, 2010

I use AOL 9.1 and have used AOL for years and years. Now I only pay 9.99 per month and have Mcafee Security Plus protection free from AOL to protect computer, files, email and messages so I think it’s a great deal. I have a 56K dial up modem and for the great majority of the time connect at 52K. Only very occassionaly does it drop below that as in maybe once or twice a year. But you do need to keep everything updated and current to keep your computer working correctly.

H. Led. says June 30, 2011

Have netzero, when it is working its great. but at times you can try all day long and still not get on the net. The support is terrible. Cost 2/min, and it will run you $30 a session. Need help with better dialup!

John says September 21, 2011

hey why don’t you all get dial in free, its nation wide and doesn’t cost a dime for dial up…I use it and get the same speeds you guys do, that have dial up. Here is a website if your interested http://www.dialinfree.net/
*** ISP 1 Edit *** Dial In Free is only available in Michigan.

Sparky says August 10, 2012

I use FlexNet, a Hawaii based ISP with access numbers across the United States. They are $9.95 a month and very reliable. There is a small one-time setup fee.


TotalUSA is also very good; they sell access in 3-month blocks for $23.97.


Carol Gaydos says December 24, 2013

I use 99yearly. They have the lowest price, the best service and the fastest acceleration. Have used them since 2003 and price has never gone up.

Website is http://www.895internet.com

dhm says February 14, 2015

My set up is Linux or Windows XP (I have 2 partitions), Copper.net and a USB modem. There are lots of them and they use the same chipset and range from $50 to $19. I picked mine up at a local Best Buy, for instance.

BTW, Copper.net’s best price is to pay for a full year at a time. That is $99 and works out to $8.25/month.

Here are my tips:

1) When using Adblock, block the fonts. Look for them. In the last year HTML added a feature so a website can temporarily install its favorite font. This is erased and the next time you are at the site it is pushed on you again. Adblock will stop this time waster. Arial or Tahoma is good enough.

2) Install DXPC. This is available for Windows or Linux. Linuxians can find it in their repositories: Look for it in Synaptic and click it to make it download and install. Windows users must download it and put it in their Start routines.

About 1/4 of your bandwidth is your PC acknowledging successful reception of a packet with a huge packet of checksums. But as you’re loading a specific site it is likely that a lot of them are identical. If DXPC recognizes a server with DXPC (most of them are, too) it agrees with it to tokenize the packets, in effect giving them nicknames. The amount of uploaded material drops to 1/8 or even 1/10! DXPC is freeware: http://www.vigor.nu/dxpc/

3) Have as few plug in connections as possible to the phone line. Each adds resistance and each slows it down. ☠☠☠ WARNING: The phone line can give you a 50 volt shock if someone calls you while you are touching it. Also, modifying connections on the phone lines inside a building is legal in the United States. It is a felony in Australia and I don’t know of the status elsewhere.

4) I noticed the USB plug for my modem had contact that was merely ☹K. I used a needle nose pliers to dimple it inwards and a nail file to open the mouth again. If affected the upload handshake. With more secure power the modem could send at a better volume.

As I said, a contact can be made but have enough resistance that the modem and the server agree to slow down.

Wyatt Jones says January 11, 2016

Your info on Toast is not correct, they are not fast AT ALL and they don’t have a service for $9.99. Since I’ve joined Toast My service has been about 4-7KBS most of the time though once in a blue moon it goes up to 20KBS, I signed up for unlimited access and not long after I joined up they put a limit of 100 hours per month on it and eliminated the accelerator feature stating that I had to spend more money to get those. At first the service was great, now they just get snippy with me and tell me I need to spend more money or suffer the consequences, then send me threatening messages when I use the hours I am allowed to use……needless to say I’m canceling my service.

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