T-Mobile Offers Tile Phone Tracker In Stores

T-Mobile Offers Tile Phone Tracker In Stores

T-Mobile Offers Tile Phone Tracker

T- Mobile subscribers will now be able to purchase a Bluetooth app and tracker for their smartphones in T-Mobile retail stores. The phone tracker is named Tile, and it will help users find their smartphones or devices if and when they misplace them. The tracker uses a customer’s physical tile to track a missing phone or device, and it works for Android as well as iOS devices and phones.

According to Tile’s CEO, a cellphone is misplaced every 3.5 seconds, and the company is glad to provide a solution for this problem to T-Mobile users. The application allows users to locate their phones on a map. It also allows the user to ring the phone or even turn the iOS or Android device into Tile. Until now, Tile has only been available for purchase online and over 2 million of the trackers have been sold to date. The company’s collaboration with T-Mobile is likely to result in many more Tiles being sold.

T-Mobile Subscribers Now Have Cool Way To Track Lost Devices & Phones

According to a T-Mobile executive, by offering Tile to its subscribers, the ISP is offering them a “new and cool” way to keep track of their phones and devices. The Tiles will be available in T-Mobile retail stores immediately. The Tiles come with updates that include a 3 times louder tone and a new Find Your Phone option. The device will locate a phone as long as it’s within 100 feet of the Bluetooth device even if its on vibrate or silent.

Users will also be able to locate their phones and devices via the Tile web interface. The Tile will cost $25 although customers that purchase multiple tiles will get a discount. A pack of four Tiles will cost you only $70 instead of $100.

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