Tata Communications Completes Round-The-World Fiber Loop

Tata Communications Completes Round-The-World Fiber Loop

Tata Communications Fiber Loop

Tata Communications has said that it has set up a fiber optic connection between Europe and India making Tata Communications the first company to provide round the globe fiber network. The latest 9,280 km Eurasia cable (TGN-EA) connects India to Europe through Egypt. The newest cable runs through the Middle East and the Mediterranean Sea. It uses the fiber optic technology which is based on thin glass fibers and offers speeds from 2 MBPS to 10 GBPS with lower latency levels and RTD of 92 msec. for Internet and cable Internet services.

Buoyed with the development, Vinod Kumar, Tata Communications’ MD and CEO said, “This is a milestone moment for us as we formally commence the world’s premier wholly-owned global underwater cable network as a robust and complete loop around the globe.”

Tata Communications already has other fiber optic links like the link between America and India via the Pacific. Its worldwide fiber optic network connects markets across Europe, US, West and East Asia. The network is used to provide services like broadband and voice for Tata’s customers. With the newest link, the company has said that it has completed a round the world fiber optic link and in the process it has become the first entity to do so.

Tata Communications operates and owns the world’s largest undersea cable network with a reach to countries representing the world’s 99.7 percent GDP the company said. Their network provides city to city connections as compared to networks which connect only cable landing stations, the company said.

In a parallel development the company also started a new link with 10 G speed between Mumbai and the Gulf. Tata has tied up with Mobility in Saudi Arabia, Internet Exchange for Bahrain, Qtel in Qatar, Etisalat in UAE and Nawras in Oman for the cable in the Gulf region.




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