Time Warner Cable Monopoly Put under Check

Time Warner Cable Monopoly Put under Check

Time Warner Cable Monopoly Put under Check

Over 100 residents, union members and elected officials from Troy have put in place efforts to ensure Time Warner Cable does not continue enjoying monopoly over local cable services.

The group has set a target of making sure local residents enjoy high Internet speeds that are affordable and accessible. As reported by The Troy Record News, the group feels that Time Warner Cable has giving its customers a raw deal.

They had their first meeting on June 11 where they reached several resolutions and vowed to support the current efforts. In a statement read on their behalf by Saratoga Spring Mayor Joanne D. Yepsen, the group said; “Currently, in Saratoga Springs and the rest of the Capital District, we are at the mercy of having only one option for high speed internet.” That is ideally what they want to deal with for good.

Pete Sikora who is the New York State legislative and political director for Communication Workers of America weighed on the matter saying; “Currently Time Warner has a cable monopoly in much of the Capital region, including Troy, and consumers pay very high prices and don’t get the services they deserve for not just cable television but telephone and high speed Internet.”

He added; “The public service commission needs to do its job to get Verizon to build out FiOS to break up the Time Warner Cable monopoly. I think all elected officials in the Capital Region should weigh in and urge the Public Safety Commission to deliver affordable high speed internet service.” At the moment, FiOS is available in Long Island, New York City and some limited areas in upstate New York, including Colonie, Bethlehem and Guilderland in the Capital Region.

With the exception of those areas, the rest of the region is fully dominated by Time Warner Cable.

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