Time Warner Cable Settles Wages Row with Employees

Time Warner Cable Settles Wages Row with EmployeesTime Warner Cable (TWC) will pay out $1.25 million as a settlement for claims of minimum and overtime wages to a recognized group of employees.

In a report published by Law360, the deal was struck following the filing of a stipulation at the California federal court. Call center representatives had sued TWC and related entities for allegedly violating the California state labor and unfair competition laws. They accused TWC of failing to pay them minimum and overtime wages as well as not paying them wages included in a contract.

Further, the employees accused TWC of breaching their contracts, failing to pay timely final wages and not providing accurate itemized wage statements. The stipulation said that the workers who served the company between June 2006 and April 2015 should be compensated for the weeks they worked which were the basis of the settlement agreement with TWC.

“Although defendants contend that they have no liability in this case, defendants’ counsel shares class counsel’s belief that the settlement represents a fair and adequate settlement given the risks associated with the litigation,” the stipulation reads in part. “The parties will work together expeditiously to obtain preliminary and final approval of this agreement and to dismiss this action with prejudice.”

The presiding judge faulted all parties for emailing updated versions of the joint stipulation, class settlement notice and proposed order, rather than filing the documents, as he had instructed them to, according to minutes of the proceedings. The minutes said in part; “The parties are directed to correct this issue and file correct versions of the necessary documents. Further, counsels are encouraged to review their filing thoroughly to ensure that counsel, their clients and the court do not need to use scarce resources addressing these issues.”

The case was initially filed at the California state in June 2010 but was moved to the federal court a month later.

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