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TWC Customers Lose Email Passwords to Hackers

TWC Customers Lose Email Passwords to HackersTime Warner Cable (TWC) had its system hacked into early this month and there are fears that up to 320,000 customers could have lost their email passwords to the hackers.

The company has already raised the red flag and warned customers to be wary of such people who are not in for anything good. TWCs top management has apologized to affected customers insisting that it’s their policy to keep such information as private as possible. They, however, regretted that such unfortunate occurrences are at times beyond their control.

According to intelligence information availed to TWC by FBI, customers from across the country were affected by the illegal act. Luckily, no more information apart from passwords was taken from the email accounts affected. A statement from the company said they will send messages to all customers whose accounts were infiltrated with directions on what to do.

They said hacking is a common trend in the market owing to advanced technology noting that many other companies have fallen into the same trap. A famous hacking ring called Lizard Squad managed to hack into the system of Cox Communications in 2014 and accessed vital information for their customers. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) then charged Cox a fine of $595,000 for failing to maintain privacy of their customers’ information.

Despite opposing the move, Cox eventually agreed to pay the fine so as to avoid a confrontation with the regulator. That was the first fine of its nature and FCC expected that to set a precedent to other service providers in US. It remains to be seen if a similar action will be taken against TWC. As a precautionary measure to forestall such occurrences in future, TWC has called on all its customers to change their passwords periodically which can easily defeat the tricks employed by hackers.

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