Verizon to Acquire Volicon in New Deal

Verizon to Acquire Volicon in New Deal

Verizon to Acquire Volicon in New Deal

Verizon Digital Media Services is taking nothing to chance in the effort to expand its services and conquer the local industry in United States.

Recently, they announced signing of an agreement to acquire Volicon, a leading provider of video capture, archival, compliance monitoring and clip creation workflow for broadcasters. Verizon is already part of AOL.

As part of the deal, Volicon will become a key asset for Verizon Digital Media Services, further establishing Verizon Digital Media Services as a key provider of technology and media services to the broadcast and online video industry. “With the shift to all things digital, mobile and video, we are committed to enabling all creators, publishers and broadcasters to bring their content to the internet with the highest quality and a trusted partner globally,” Verizon Digital Media Services President Bob Toohey said.

“Volicon’s role as a trusted provider to more than 1,200 broadcast and video operators around the world, combined with deep expertise in video monitoring and analysis, will improve visibility, transparency, and quality of our clients content and ads over our global delivery footprint.” Volicon’s technology will combine with Verizon Digital Media Services’ Video Lifecycle Solution to provide customers with a seamless option to take existing broadcast feeds and channels directly to OTT cloud-based delivery models.

Eli Warsawski, Volicon Founder and CEO said they are pleased to have partnered with Verizon. “We are pleased to become part of the Verizon family and recognize tremendous alignment of our vision. This undertaking represents a strategic opportunity for our products to evolve and for our customers to greatly benefit.” The combination of Verizon Digital Media Services and Volicon further extends the boundaries of what an end-to-end video solution represents.

Volicon was founded by Eli Warsawski, Julius Perl and Yehuda Brand in 2005 while terms of the deal were not disclosed.


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