Verizon Introduces FreeBee Data Service

Verizon Introduces FreeBee Data Service

Verizon FreeBee Data

Verizon Wireless has introduced FreeBee Data, the new sponsored data service that will allow consumers to gain greater flexibility when streaming or downloading content on their mobile Internet devices.

FreeBee Data will help businesses to drive better engagement with mobile content on America’s largest and most reliable 4G LTE network. A press statement from the company said that FreeBee Data service will come in two models. FreeBee Data 360 will allow content providers to sign up and provide consumers some or all of their mobile content on an app or mobile website.

Under that model, consumers’ data plans will not be used. FreeBee Data 360 is billed using a per Gigabyte pricing model. Through a separate FreeBee Data offering, content providers can sponsor specific consumer actions on a per-click basis, free of data charges for subscribers including mobile video clips, audio streaming, and app downloads.

Furthermore, FreeBee Data 360 is commercially available on a beta basis. “Interested content providers can use this service to sponsor data for all of Verizon’s post-paid customers,” the statement said. Verizon began a beta trial of the separate pay-per-click service on January 25. Brands already signed up to participate in the pay-per-click trial include Hearst Magazines, AOL and GAMEDAY. “These content providers will sponsor some mobile content for 1,000 test subscribers. Other brands are welcome to participate in the trial,” the statement continued.

Commercial availability of the pay-per-click service is expected later this year. “With 1 in 3 Americans now watching videos on their smartphone, and another 100 million on tablets, the business case for mobile is clear,” Colson Hillier, the vice president, Consumer Products at Verizon observed. “In today’s digital economy, FreeBee Data is a departure from the one size fits all approach to marketing. The opportunity to add value and utility to consumers’ everyday experiences will fundamentally transform how brands and businesses connect with their customers.”

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