Verizon May Not Support Samsung Pay

Verizon May Not Support Samsung Pay

Verizon Samsung Pay Support?

Samsung is soon going to launch a mobile payment service called Samsung Pay to be used on Samsung devices. However, it seems like Verizon will not be part of the payment service. The Service has an official website that lists institutions supported by Samsung Pay Verizon is conspicuously missing from the list. The absence of Verizon on the list is worrying as all other major ISPs are on the list.

Critics are worried that this could be a repeat of Verizon’s blunder with Google Wallet. Verizon opted to launch its mobile payment platform instead of supporting Google Wallet only to sell the product to Google after it failed. Although Google blamed its lack of support for Google Wallet on technical issues few believed its claims. Hopefully, it will not do the same with the Samsung Pay service.

The Samsung Pay service will use Magnetic Secure Transmission technology to prevent customer details from being stolen. Clients will make payments by passing their phones over credit card swipes. The use of the Magnetic Secure Transmission system on the Samsung Pay system will provide users with an easy and convenient way of making payments. Therefore many are wondering why Verizon has not yet signed up to be part of Samsung Pay.

Samsung Pay Competing With Apple Pay

According to Samsung, the mobile payment service will start in the USA on the 28th September. Samsung will work with companies such as MasterCard, Visa and Bank of America to avail the service to consumers. Using the service, smartphone users will combine all their credit cards in one device. Upcoming Samsung phones such as Galaxy S6 are going to come fully outfitted with Samsung Pay.

Samsung Pay is seen as Samsung’s way of competing with Apple Pay. Samsung’s service may be ahead of Apple’s because it does not require merchants to install additional hardware on their systems. We can only wait and see if Samsung succeeds to take Samsung Pay global and beat the competition.


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