Verizon Starts 3-month Offer for HBO NOW

Verizon Starts 3-month Offer for HBO NOW


Verizon Wireless has teamed up with HBO NOW to offer its customers a 3-month exclusive bonanza where they will get to enjoy their favorite HBO shows.

It means that with HBO NOW, a customer can stream big premieres the same time as they air on TV right to the Verizon 4G LTE smartphone or tablet.  Furthermore, it’s now possible to watch the biggest battle sequence yet in Game of Thrones Season 6 that premiered on April 24 on HBO NOW.

“If you switch to Verizon Wireless, upgrade or activate a new line, you’ll receive 3 months of HBO NOW included with your purchase.  With HBO NOW, you get instant access to ALL of HBO – every episode of every season of HBO’s best original series, the biggest and latest Hollywood hit movies before any other streaming service,” read a press statement from the company.

“Experience it on your Verizon device with the better network, which was rated No. 1 in overall network performance for the fifth consecutive time among the four national wireless companies in the United States by RootMetrics in its recently released National Rootscore Report,” the statement added..  To be eligible, one will need to upgrade or activate a new line on a smart phone on a device payment plan or a tablet with a 2-year activation or device payment plan.

If you upgrade or activate a new phone on a Verizon Plan XL or larger and choose the device payment option, you’ll also receive 2 GB of monthly bonus data for each new or upgraded line. The data is shareable, can be combined with other offers and applies as long as the line remains active on a Verizon Plan XL or larger.  And if you’re switching to Verizon, you can also receive up to $650 to pay off your old phone or contract when you trade in your phone.

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