Verizon to Offer WiFi Calling Service

Verizon to Offer WiFi Calling Service

Verizon WiFi Calling Service

Verizon Wireless has finally been allowed to offer WiFi calling and now joins the long list of many other operators in America who have already established that service.

It comes as a huge relief for the company that had chased the clearance for a long time. In a report carried by RCRWireless News, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has already given Verizon a temporary exemption from rules that provide for voice over to accommodate hearing and speech-impaired users.

It is just last month when the company wrote to FCC seeking the exemption but the delayed reply had them worried. Finally, the confirmation has come along and they can now prepare to fight it out for customers with other established providers in the business of Wi-Fi calling. It will not be easy for Verizon considering they will have to cover much ground.

AT&T Mobility, Sprint and T-Mobile US are some of the carriers in America that have already launched their Wi-Fi calling and have reported positive feedback in the market. But, they are all not offering the same service but have gone for uniqueness. “AT&T Mobility currently supports only the recent versions of Apple’s iPhone with Wi-Fi calling (iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6s and 6s Plus), while Sprint and T-Mobile US offer the service on some Android phones as well,” RCRWireless News reported.

Verizon is yet to give a formal statement concerning the direction that the rollout of this new service will take. It leaves its customers guessing on when that will take place, how it will be rolled out and whether calls will be free for users who pay for voice minutes. In comparison, Sprint and AT&T Mobility have no charges for their WiFi calling service while T-Mobile US makes simple calculations for its customers. Whatever that Verizon is planning to do will remain a secret for now.

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