Verizon Wireless Signs CSR Partnership

Verizon Wireless Signs CSR PartnershipAs part of its corporate social responsibility, Verizon Wireless has teamed up with the NFL, the Super Bowl Host Committee and American Forests to support sustainability projects.

Verizon is the title sponsor of the Super Bowl and Super Bowl City. The projects they plan to support include urban forestry events, school supplies and athletic equipment collection drives, and an e-waste recycling rally that is designed to reduce the environmental impact of this event on the community.

A press statement from Verizon said that NFL began incorporating environmental initiatives into the management of Super Bowl more than 20 years ago. Verizon also has a long legacy of environmental stewardship. Since 2009, Verizon has reduced its carbon intensity by over 40% and collected over 2.1 million pounds of e-waste through free community recycling rallies.

Among the projects successfully done by Super Bowl 50 in partnership with Verizon include Super Kids-Super Sharing which is an NFL program that teaches students to recycle items they no longer use, including books, sports equipment and school supplies. “28,500 trees will be planted in parks, playgrounds, schoolyards and other public spaces throughout the Bay Area and in the Sierra Nevada mountain range, thanks to our partnerships with American Forests and several Bay area local nonprofits,” the statement said in part.

“The tree planting in the Sierra Nevada range will help restore the watershed area that supplies drinking water to the San Francisco Bay area.” The company is now sending a passionate appeal to residents in the Bay Area and fans around the country to support the initiative fronted by NFL and Verizon through embracing sustainability personally.

They have been encouraged to reduce, reuse and recycle as a perfect way to preserve the environment. As excitement grows before the 50th Super Bowl, the Bay Area community has already won the game with a positive environmental legacy.

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