What is Mobile Broadband?

Cellular Mobile Broadband

Mobile broadband is a high speed wireless Internet connection available from most cell phone providers such as Verizon, At&t, and Sprint.

How does Wireless Internet Access work?

Wireless Internet access consists of two parts:

1. A Internet service data plan from your cellular provider.

Wireless Internet service plans cost about $60 a month for 5 GB of data usage.

2. The hardware to receive and process the wireless broadband data.

Most wireless providers have free, or heavily discounted wireless Internet devices available when you sign a service contract.

Wireless Internet Cards & Connection Devices


  • PCMCIA Cards – Older laptops – Cellular modem for PCMCIA slot.
  • ExpressCards – Newer laptops – Cellular modem for Express card slot.
  • USB Device – USB cellular modem – Works with most computers with a USB port.
  • Cell Phone – Many newer cell phones can be tethered to a laptop and act as a wireless broadband modem.
  • MiFi Devices – Acts as a both wireless router and modem, allowing multiple wireless device connections.
  • Built-in Wireless – Devices with integrated hardware ie: NetBooks.


Wireless Broadband Speed

Wireless mobile broadband download speeds typically vary between 768 Kbps to 1.5 MBps, while upload speeds is generally limited to between 300 and 500 Kbps.

More Wireless Broadband Information

Learn more about available mobile broadband devices, plans, and providers on our High Speed Wireless page.


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