Windstream Takes Kinetic to Sugar Land

Windstream Takes Kinetic to Sugar Land

Windstream Takes Kinetic to Sugar Land

Windstream Communications has announced that Kinetic, the company’s next-generation television service, is now available in Sugar Land, Texas.

They will allow over 30,000 homes in Sugar Land to sign up for the new television service. Kinetic utilizes the company’s 100 percent fiber-backed network to provide an enhanced viewing experience. This new development is geared towards increasing their market presence in America.

Sugar Land is the third Kinetic market following successful launches in Lincoln, Neb., and Lexington, Ky., in 2015. The Kinetic launch came in the wake of Windstream announcing ultra-fast 1-Gigabit Internet service in Sugar Land. The two services make Sugar Land one of the most advanced and connected communities in Windstream’s consumer markets.

Sarah Day, the president of consumer and small business for Windstream said their customers should be braced for more goodies going forward. She reiterated their commitment to serve customers in the best way. “We continue to invest heavily in innovative technologies that allow us to offer services that meet our customers’ current and future needs,” she said in a press release dated April 11.

“With the launch of Kinetic today and the announcement of 1-Gig service last week, we’re offering the Sugar Land community access to an unparalleled in-home TV and Internet experience.” All customers interested in signing up for Kinetic are encouraged to call 1-877-481-9463, or visit

Kinetic is powered by the Ericsson Mediaroom platform and offers a unique user experience coupled with features that subscribers want and deserve from a TV provider. With Kinetic, customers will receive fast, high-quality, interactive television with features like High Definition (HD) channels, video on-demand, kinetic on the go, instant channel change, wireless Set Top Box and free Whole Home DVR among many others.

Kinetic is available as a bundled service with Windstream’s High Speed Internet and telephone services. All bundle rates, which vary based on channel selection, include the features listed above. Rates for TV-only service start at $39.99.

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John Thomas says July 20, 2016

But we have to put up with peeking through the ‘partly open door’ like screen for the Non-HD channels. How long it will be before we can have the whole/wide screen?

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