XO Communications Ranks High Among SIP Trunking Providers

XO Communications

XO Communications

The 2015 IHS Infonetics SIP Trunking North American Service Provider Scorecard has rated XO Communications as leading the top tier of Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunking providers with the largest installed base of SIP connectivity trunks.

The scorecard was done and published by IHS Research. XO ranked higher since it combines voice, data and Internet access over a single IP connection to solve business challenges. XO SIP trunking also works through integrating innovative unified communications and business continuity capabilities through its network.

Jake Heinz, the senior vice president of marketing and product at XO Communications said their operations are always geared towards addressing market needs related to the modern world. Heinz said that was the sole contributor for their high ranking and promised customers of improved service in future. “Businesses today need to simplify operations, reduce costs and increase productivity,” he said in a press statement.

“With XO SIP, businesses can capitalize on a wide variety of unified communications applications that cost-effectively boost worker productivity.  We are experiencing brisk demand for our SIP trunks that enable businesses to reduce costs, simplify management and leverage productivity while maximizing the value of IT and network investments.”

According to IHS Research Director Diane Myers, XO serves more than 2,900 cities and 80 percent of the major metropolitan markets across the United States with VoIP and SIP trunking services. “The IP voice business has been a shining star for XO, as the provider has done an excellent job of upgrading its installed base of customers to SIP, in addition to effectively marketing its service to new businesses of all sizes.”

In US alone, XO owns and operates one of the largest IP and Ethernet networks that customers rely on for private data networking and cloud connectivity. The company promises more goodies for its customers in the coming years.

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