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Canadian Free Internet Access

Monday, August 03, 2020

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August's Recommended Free Dial Up ISP:

Monday, August 03, 2020

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What happened to Free Internet Access?

Read our exclusive ISP 1 article What Happened To Free Internet Access? concerning the rapid rise and fall of " Free Internet Access ". Discusses the history of free Internet services, current free ISP options, and low cost alternatives to free Internet access.

Recommended Canadian Unlimited Dial Up:

If you need light to moderate unlimited Internet access on a single computer or travel and need a mobile connection, then standard or accelerated dial up Internet access is the cheaper option and provides reasonable service for a lower cost in Canada.

If you choose one of the inexpensive Canada's recommended top picks that we feature. You'll receive dependable dial up Internet service for the lowest monthly cost.

Unfortunately most Canadian dial-up Internet services have also closed. You have several options when choosing a high speed Canada Internet service provider.

Cable or DSL high speed Internet service is available in many areas of Canada and usually the cheapest broadband Internet solution. Canadian Satellite Internet or 3G wireless high speed Internet access is available in most areas of canada, but is generally more expensive.

Canada Dial Up Internet Service Provider  Cheap ISP Special Internet Access Special
$4.97/Month - first 3 months Service

ISP 1 Special Promotion
Great unlimited dial-up Canadian Internet access for a Red Hot Price!  Fast, dependable service, no contracts, no forced advertisements, toll-free support, 30 day no risk money back guarantee.

Canada's Best Dial Up Service

August's #1 Canada Dial Up Internet Access.

Copper wins the ISP 1 recommended top pick in Canada for the month of August. Copper's combination of excellent service at a great price is hard for other Canadian ISPs to beat.

Top Canadian Dial up Internet Access Providers
  • Price - Internet access is just $9.95 a month. This is a terrific bargain for dial-up service.
  • Customer Support - provides unlimited FREE customer support. Toll-Free and no outsourcing make Copper one of the best values we found for August 2020.
  • Availaibility - With thousands of local dialup access numbers across the U.S. and Canada, finding a local connection is easy.
  • Ease of Use - No special software- Quick & simple online account setup so you'll be browsing in minutes.
  • Reputation - has been in business since 1994 and became a Better Business Bureau member on 03/18/2003.
  • Money Back Guarantee - Risk free 30-day money back guarantee. Quote: "If doesn't work out for you we want you to go away saying nice things about us, so we just give you a refund."
August's Best Dial-Up Internet Provider! Cheap Canada ISP service Internet Provider is Windows Compatible Internet Service is Mac Compatible

Standard $9.95

Accelerated $14.95

Dial Up Service in
US & Canada

Check Local Availability of Dialup Internet Access in Canada
ISP 1 review of Dial Up Internet Service

ISP 1 Special: $4.97 - 50% Off first 3 months! provides fast, reliable, nationwide low cost Internet access with local access dialup numbers in over 5,000 cities across the US and Canada. Toll Free technical support is available seven days a week. No contracts, No setup fees, 30 day money back guarantee. Standard Includes:
  • Nationwide Dial Up Internet access!
  • Unlimited Internet and Email service!
  • Live Toll-Free Technical Support!
  • Free Spam and Virus Protection!
  • $4.97/mo for the first 3 months then $9.95/mo! Accelerated Adds:
  • Surf up to 7 x's Faster with the Accelerator!
  • 5 Email Accounts are Included!
  • $7.47/mo for the first 3 months then $14.95/mo
More Information about low cost dial-up Internet services

August's #2 Canada Dial Up Internet Service Provider.

Basic ISP comes in second in the best low cost dialup Canadian Internet provider class for the month of August.

August Second Place Canadian Dial-Up ISP!
Basic ISP cheap Internet provider in Canada
Basic ISP Internet Access is Windows Compatible     Basic ISP is a Mac Compatible Internet Provider

Standard $8.95

Accelerated $9.95

Dial Up Service in
US & Canada

Check Canadian Local Availability of Basic ISP Dial Up ISP

Basic ISP

ISP 1 Special: FREE Basic Internet access for 1 month!
Basic ISP is a cheap Internet provider that delivers outstanding basic low cost Internet access and Email service at a super low price. Now includes Unlimited dialup Internet access.

Basic ISP Standard Includes:
  • Super low cost basic ISP service!
  • Email account!
  • Unlimited Internet service!
  • Get connected online in minutes!
Basic ISP Accelerated Adds:
  • Surf up to 7 x's faster with the Accelerator!
  • Built in Pop Up Blocker!

More Info about Basic ISP Internet Service Provider

August's #3 Canadian Dial Up Internet Service Provider. comes in third for low cost dial up Internet services in Canada for the month of August.

August Third Place Cheap Dial-Up Canadian ISP! Dial up Internet Service Provider is a Windows Compatible ISP Service is a Mac Compatible ISP

Low Cost  $9.95

Standard $12.95

Premium $15.95

Dial Up Service in
US & Canada

Check Local Dialup Availability of ISP Provider

ISP 1 Special: Discount Internet access for the rest of August!
Fastest Free 19x Internet Accelerator Software, Free Telephone Support, SuperNews Newsgroups, 250 MB Web space, E-mail with Spam and Virus Protection. Low Cost Provides:
  • Free 19x Internet accelerator software!
  • Free anti-spam email filters!
  • Free telephone support!
Standard $3 More Adds:
  • Commercial-Free Music!
  • PC AntiVirus Software!
  • Music Center (5000+ stations)!
  • More Web Space & Email Addresses!
Premium Includes:
  • 10 Email Addresses!
  • 1 GB Web Space!
  • 2 Anti-Virus Licenses!
More Information on Dial Up Internet Access

I don't want any of those providers...

If for some reason you don't want one of August's ISP 1 recommended Canadian top picks then here are some more Internet service provider options for you to choose from.

For help deciding what type of Internet provider services you need, check out our ISP help section. We'll help you find an affordable low cost Internet provider that you will be satisfied with!

ISP 1 also provides extensive Internet service provider related resources, such as articles, explanations, and online Internet service reference information.

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