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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

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Broadband services such as High-Speed DSL Internet are increasingly becoming so central to our everyday lives that we can't imagine life without it. Finding the cheapest DSL Internet plan will depend on your location. Cheap Broadband DSL Internet access is available in many areas for an affordable monthly cost of between $20 - $50.

How Does DSL Work?

DSL Internet service transmits high speed data over the telephone lines that are already installed in your home or business. DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) technology also utilizes the unused bandwidth of your existing phone line to enable you to use your high speed Internet connection and talk on the phone simultaneously without requiring an additional phone line.

How Fast Is DSL?

DSL speed depends on many factors including the type of DSL technology you're using, the distance from the provider's central office DSL connection. and the type of DSL plan that you purchase. Typical DSL transmission speeds generally range between 1.5 Mbps to around 20 Mbps. However, even the slowest DSL Internet connection is many times faster than a standard dial up modem connection. Most DSL Internet service providers such as At&t DSL, CenturyLink DSL, & Verizon DSL usually market several different DSL Internet access packages offering various download speeds and price ranges.

What about Fiber Optic ADSL2+ ?

Many traditional DSL over copper neighborhoods are being converted to the new fiber optic ADSL2+ such as the Verizon FiOS and At&t U-Verse services. The fiber optic cables permit much higher speeds at greater distances and also alow for digital HD television programming on the same fiber connection. ADSL2+ speeds in excess of 300 Mbps are availaible in select areas.

What Equipment Do I Need?

The equipment needed for DSL Internet access is similar to other high speed broadband technologies. A DSL modem connects your computer to the telephone line.The DSL modem usually connects to your computer via a Network Interface Card (NIC) using a standard network patch cable. Most computers come with a network card installed, otherwise they are inexpensive and easy to install. If you have a home network you can also connect your DSL modem to a router to enable high speed broadband Internet access for your entire network.

We suggest that you try one of our recommended affordable DSL Internet service providers that meets your Broadband Internet requirements and is priced within your budget. You'll receive blazing fast high speed DSL Internet service for for the lowest possible cost.

Cheap DSL High Speed Internet Provider List
Check Local Availability of ATT High-Speed DSL Internet


ATT High-Speed DSL ISP

At&t High Speed DSL

Get ready to do more, see more, and enjoy more! Get acquainted with At&t high-speed DSL Internet service at a price comparable to dial-up, and up to 10 times as fast.
At&t DSL Features:
  • Includes nationwide dial-up access
  • Be online and use your phone at the same time
  • Surf safely with our FREE all-in-one security suite
  • At&t Photos with virtually unlimited online storage
  • 10 additional 2GB email accounts
More Info on AT&T DSL Internet Service Provider
Verizon Online DSL - Low Cost High Speed Provider
Check Local Availability of Verizon Online DSL Services


High-Speed DSL ISP

Verizon DSL High Speed Internet

Verizon High Speed Internet fires up your existing phone line and turns it into a super fast Internet connection. With speeds up to 15 Mbps, leave the dial-up barrier behind and fly at high speed. Surf & Talk at the Same Time, browse the Internet while talking on the phone. Only dial-up users worry about busy signals.

All packages include:
  • Special Member Discounts
  • 24/7 live technical support
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • 9 e-mail accounts - 10 MB of Web space
  • Three-step Self-Installation Kit
More Information on Verizon DSL Service Provider
CenturyLink DSL Broadband Internet
CenturyLink DSL - Low Cost High Speed Internet


Cheap High-Speed DSL ISP

Check CenturyLink Local Availability

CenturyLink High Speed Internet

CenturyLink DSL High-Speed Internet delivers high speed Internet service to your home with the speed you need to do just about anything online. With connection speeds up to 12 Mbps, you can handle virtually any Internet application -- and more than one at a time. Save More with CenturyLink Bundles and Get All Your CenturyLink Services on One Convenient Bill.

Century High-Speed Internet Internet includes:
  • Connection speeds up to 12 Mbps - May not be available in your area
  • Fast speed to support multiple devices
  • 24/7 Live Tech. Support
  • 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Norton CenturyLink @ Ease
More Information on CenturyLink DSL Internet Access
Compare Broadband DSL Internet Providers
Check Local Availability
High-Speed DSL ISPHigh-Speed Cable InternetBroadband Satellite Internet Access Compare Broadband Internet Service

High Speed DSL ISP Online Lookup Tool:

Learn which High Speed DSL Internet Service Provider is right for you. Compare Before You Buy When you're looking for Cable, DSL, or Satellite High Speed Internet you'll find offers from all the providers from your area. We guarantee you'll notice the difference when you switch to High Speed Internet Service.
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Can I Get a Cheap DSL Bundle Package Deal?

Most DSL Internet providers offer a discounted Cheap DSL Bundle Deal when you combine two or more of their offered services. You can get Broadband DSL Internet service bundled with VDSL or satellite HD television and/or digital phone services and "save a bundle". This is usually the cheapest DSL Internet option, so always check with your broadband DSL provider to see if they offer any current DSL package deals.

Other Types Of High Speed Internet Service.

You have several options when choosing a broadband Internet service provider.

DSL Service, Cable Internet, Rural Satellite or Cellular Mobile Broadband Internet access is rapidly surpassing Dialup Internet as the most common home Internet connection.

Your connection is made with the Internet service provider using television cable, DSL telephone lines, satellite dish, wireless interface, or a combination.

Inexpensive Broadband Internet access is now available in most areas at a reasonable monthly cost of around $20 to $60.

Cable or DSL broadband highspeed Internet service is available in many areas and usually the cheapest solution. Satellite or wireless hispeed Internet access is available in most areas, but costs a little more.

For a detailed explanation of high-speed DSL Internet, read the ISP 1 article How DSL High Speed Internet Access Works?.

Types Of DSL Technology?

There are several types of DSL transmission methods.

  • ADSL- Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Line
    • ADSL provides much faster download speeds than upload speed. This is the most common DSL technology for home use.
  • SDSL- Symmetrical Digital Subscriber Line
    • SDSL technology provides equal download and upload speeds. Typically used by businesses.
  • HDSL- High data rate Digital Subscriber Line
    • HDSL technology provides faster DSL speeds. Typically used by businesses. Limited availability.
  • VDSL- Very high data rate Digital Subscriber Line
    • VDSL technology provides very fast DSL speeds. Used for distribution of television video, high speed Internet, and telephone services by telecommunications companies such as Qwest. Limited availability.

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