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Monday, May 20, 2024

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make dial up faster?

We are no longer updating this page due to the low demand for legacy dial-up Internet services. With the rapidly increasing bandwidth requirements of modern web sites and applications, dial-up is just too slow. We recommend you check out our Broadband Internet Service Deals. Even the cheapest broadband service is at least 10 times faster than dial-up and many Internet services are hundreds of times faster. If cost is a factor and you have a low income you may qualify for free or discounted low cost broadband Internet. Free or Low Cost Internet for Low Income Families

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Compare the best High Speed Dial-Up Internet service providers below. Try one of our recommended fast dialup providers that will increase your dial up connection speed using special Internet accelerator technology. You'll enjoy faster dial up Internet access for a considerably lower monthly cost than broadband DSL or hi-speed cable services.

Standard Dialup

If you don't care about the dial-up speed increase, and are just looking for the cheapest dialup you can find, then compare standard Cheap Dial-Up Internet Plans.

Accelerated dial-up

Accelerated high speed dial-up Internet service uses your existing dial up phone line with special Internet Accelerator software to speed up your Internet browsing experience dramatically at a low cost. High speed dialup plans cost around $15 a month, which is a good deal in exchange for the boost in Internet surfing speed. For a detailed explanation of accelerated dial up Internet, read the ISP 1 article how accelerated dial-up Internet access works.
High Speed Dial-Up Internet Provider List
Copper.net fast dialup service
Copper high speed dail up is Windows Compatible     Copper.net highspeed dialup Internet Access is Mac Compatible

High-Speed $14.95

High Speed Dial Up
US & Canada

Check Local Availability of Copper.net Hi-Speed
ISP 1 review of Copper.net Dial Up Internet Service

Copper HiSpeed

ISP 1 Special: $7.47 - 50% Off first 3 months!
Copper HiSpeed provides faster nationwide dial up Internet service with local access numbers in over 5,000 cities across the US and Canada. Toll Free American technical support is available seven days a week. No contracts, No setup fees, 30 day money back guarantee.

Copper.net High Speed Includes:
  • Nationwide Dial Up Internet Service!
  • Unlimited Accelerated Dialup Internet!
  • Live Toll-Free United States support!
  • Free Spam and Virus Protection!
  • Surf Up to 19 x's Faster with the Accelerator!
  • 5 Email Accounts are Included!
  • $7.47/Mo - first 3 months!
More Information about Copper.net low cost HiSpeed dial-up Internet services
Basic ISP cheapest Dial Up Internet Service Provider
Basic ISP is a Windows Compatible Dailup ISP Provider     Basic ISP is a Mac Compatible Dialup Internet Provider

Accelerated $9.95

Fast Dialup Service
in US & Canada

Check Local Dial-Up Availability Basic ISP Access

Basic ISP Accelerated Plan

ISP 1 Special: FREE Internet Access 1st Month!
Basic ISP Accelerated is a Fast dial-up Internet plan that delivers outstanding basic low cost accelerated Internet access and email service at a super low price ($9.95/month). Now includes Unlimited Internet Accelerator.

Basic ISP Accelerated Dial-Up Includes:
  • Super Low Cost Basic ISP Service!
  • Email Account!
  • Unlimited Faster Dial Up Internet!
  • Get Connected Online in Minutes!
  • Surf up to 19 x's Faster with the Accelerator!
  • Built in Pop Up Blocker!

More Information about Basic ISP Internet Services
Turbo USA Discount Accelerated Internet service
Turbo USA is Windows Compatible     Turbo USA is Mac Compatible

Accelerated $14.95

Dial Up ISP
US & Canada

Local Availability of Turbo USA Dial Up Access

Turbo USA

ISP 1 Special: Discount with 1 year plan!
High Speed Dial Up Internet Accelerator - Fast, Affordable, Low Cost ISP - A 100% American Company with Toll-free support (located in USA!). Spam Protected E-mail account included.

Turbo USA Accelerated Dial Features:
  • Spam Protected E-mail!
  • Free telephone support!
  • A 100% American Company!
  • Surf up to 19 x's faster with Dial up Accelerator!
  • Up to 5 e-mail accounts included!

More about Turbo USA Internet Service

Dial-Up ISP or High Speed? I don't know...

For help deciding what type of Internet provider services you need, check out our ISP help section. We'll help you find an affordable low cost Internet plan that you will be satisfied with!

If you know what you want, you can browse the ISP 1 High Speed ISP comparison list for bargains on Broadband DSL, High Speed Cable, Satellite Internet, or Wireless Mobile Broadband Internet options.

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