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Tuesday, April 23, 2024

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NetZero & Net Zero Alternatives:

We are no longer updating this page due to the low demand for legacy dial-up Internet services. With the rapidly increasing bandwidth requirements of modern web sites and applications, dial-up is just too slow. We recommend you check out our Broadband Internet Service Deals. Even the cheapest broadband service is at least 10 times faster than dial-up and many Internet services are hundreds of times faster. If cost is a factor and you have a low income you may qualify for free or discounted low cost broadband Internet. Free or Low Cost Internet for Low Income Families

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Compare NetZero vs. other popular low cost nationwide Cheap Internet providers below. Try NetZero or any ISP 1 recommended low cost Internet service providers. You'll receive fast dependable dial up Internet access for the lowest possible cost.

Types Of NetZero Internet Access.

You have three options when choosing NetZero Internet Service.

  • Free NetZero Internet Service.
  • NetZero Platinum Internet Service.
  • NetZero HiSpeed 3G Dial-Up Service.

Net Zero Free costs nothing but is limited to 10 hours of dialup access per month. NetZero Platinum is the cheapest route for unlimited access and provides good service for the lowest cost. Net Zero HiSpeed 3G dial-up Internet access is a relatively new process that utilizes your existing dial up phone line with special accelerator software to speed up your Internet access dramatically at a low cost. For a detailed explanation of accelerated dial up, read the ISP 1 article how accelerated Internet access works.

NetZero FREE Internet Access:

If you only need a few hours of Free Dial-up Internet access every month, NetZero currently offers 10 hours per month of Free Internet Access (The Free Internet link is in the middle right side of the NetZero signup page.) to customers in the US & Canada.

Compare NetZero & Net Zero Competitors
Net Zero Nationwide Low Cost ISP
Net0 is a Windows Compatible Dialup ISP     NetZero Internet Services are Mac Compatible

Platinum $9.95

HiSpeed $14.95

Dial Up Service in
US & Canada

Check Local Availability Net Zero Internet Provider

NetZero Internet

ISP 1 Special: NetZero Internet Deal!
NetZero provides nationwide dial-up Internet service with local access numbers in over 5,000 cities across the US and Canada. Includes Spam and Email Virus Protection.

NetZero Platinum Features:
  • Unlimited Internet Access!
  • 1GB of Email Storage!
  • Over 5000 Dial-Up Access Numbers!
  • Download NetZero in 2 minutes!
NetZero HiSpeed 3G Accelerator Adds:
  • Fastest Dial-Up Surfing You Can Get!
  • FREE Norton AntiVirus!

More Information about NetZero Internet Access Provider
Compare to NetZero Internet Service is Windows Compatible Internet Access is Mac Compatible

Standard $9.95

Accelerated $14.95

Dial Up Service in
US & Canada

Check Local Dialup Availability of ISP Provider
ISP 1 review of Dial Up Internet Service

ISP 1 Special: $4.97 - 50% Off first 3 months! provides fast, reliable, nationwide low cost Internet service with local access numbers in over 5,000 cities across the US and Canada. Toll Free American technical support is available seven days a week. No contracts, No setup fees, 30 day money back guarantee. Standard Includes:
  • Nationwide Dialup Internet Access!
  • Unlimited Internet and Email Service!
  • Live Toll-Free United States Support!
  • Free Spam and Virus Protection!
  • $4.97/mo for the first 3 months then $9.95/mo! Accelerated Adds:
  • Surf Up to 19 x's Faster With Internet Accelerator Software!
  • 5 Email Accounts Are Included!
  • $7.47/mo for the first 3 months then $14.95/mo
More Information about low cost dial-up Internet services
Compare Net Zero to Basic ISP Internet service
Basic ISP is a Windows Compatible ISP Provider     Basic ISP is a Mac Compatible Internet Provider

Standard $6.95

Accelerated $9.95

Dial Up Service in
US & Canada

Check Local Availability Basic ISP Access

Basic ISP

ISP 1 Special: FREE Basic Internet access for 1 month!
Basic ISP is a cheap dial-up Internet provider that delivers outstanding basic low cost Internet access and Email service at a super low price. Now includes Unlimited residential Internet access.

Basic ISP Standard Includes:
  • Super Low Cost Basic ISP Service!
  • Email Account!
  • Unlimited Internet Access!
  • Get Connected Online in Minutes!
Basic ISP Accelerated Adds:
  • Surf Up to 19 x's Faster With Accelerator!
  • Built-in Pop Up Blocker!

More Information about Basic ISP Internet Services Provides Cheap Internet service Compare to Net Zero is a Windows Compatible Provider is a Mac Compatible ISP Service

Low Cost  $9.95

Standard $12.95

Premium $15.95

Dial Up Service in
US & Canada

Check Local Dialup Availability of

ISP 1 Special: Discount Internet access for the rest of the month!
Fastest Free 19x Web Accelerator Software, Free Telephone Support, SuperNews Newsgroups, 250 MB Web space, E-mail with Spam and Virus Protection. Low Cost Provides:
  • Free 19x Internet Accelerator Software!
  • Free Anti-Spam Email Filters!
  • Free Telephone Support!
Standard $3 More Adds:
  • Commercial-Free Music!
  • PC AntiVirus Software!
  • Music Center (5000+ stations)!
  • More Web Space & Email Addresses!
Premium Includes:
  • 10 Email Addresses!
  • 1000 MB Web Space!
  • 2 Anti-Virus Licenses!
More Information about Internet Access

Dial-Up or High Speed? I don't know...

For help deciding what type of Internet provider services you need, check out our ISP help section. We'll help you find an affordable low cost Internet provider that you will be satisfied with!

If you know what you want, you can compare all cheap dial up Internet service providers, or browse the ISP 1 high speed ISP comparison list for broadband high speed Internet providers.

ISP 1 updates this Net Zero ISP Comparison list frequently, so please bookmark this page and check back often for new cheap dial up Internet service providers and changes in NetZero ISP pricing, terms & conditions. NetZero is also known as Net0 & Net Zero.

ISP 1 provides extensive Internet service provider related resources, such as Internet access articles & reviews, Internet connection explanations, and Online Internet service reference information.

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