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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

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ISP 1 Privacy Policy

Table of contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Information Collected
  3. Use of Cookies
  4. Sharing of Information
  5. Email and Spam
  6. Third Parties
  7. Contact Us
  8. Policy Changes

1.  Introduction

Protecting your privacy is important to us. We hope the following statement will demonstrate our firm commitment to privacy and help you understand how ISP 1 collects, uses and safeguards any personal information you provide to us from this Web site.

2.  Information Collected

ISP 1 does not collect any personally identifiable information about you, such as name, address, phone number, or e-mail address.

Like most Internet sites, we do obtain some non-personally identifiable information such as the URL that referred you to our site, your Internet browser version, or type of operating system that you use. This information helps us analyze traffic patterns, perform routine maintenance, maintain site security, and is used for the solely for the purpose of improving our site navigation, measuring our advertising effectiveness and to improve the appearance of our site to the maximum number of visitors. Generally the information we collect is temporary and when you leave the site this information is deleted from our system.

Be assured that no personal information will ever be shared or sold by ISP 1.

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3.  Use of Cookies

ISP 1 sometimes uses "cookies" to enhance your experience on this web site.

Cookies cannot be used to personally identify you in any way. A cookie is a unique file that is stored on your computer. This cookie helps ensure that you don't repeatedly see the same advertisement, such as a pop-up ad window. Although the acceptance of cookies help us to enhance your stay at our site, they are not required to view our site.

If you do not want cookies, you can usually configure your Internet browser software to reject cookies or manually delete them. Consult your Internet browser's documentation for more information.

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4.  Sharing of Information

Protecting your privacy is very important to us. ISP 1 does not sell or share any type of personal information with anyone.

However, we can not be responsible for the privacy practices of third party sites. Please read the privacy policy section pertaining to third party sites.

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5.  Email and Spam

ISP 1 sends no unsolicited or SPAM mail, and strongly despise anyone who does. The only email we send are direct responses to our contact form.

If you need to be removed from a Internet service provider or other access provider's mailing list you will need to contact the ISP directly.

If you continue to receive SPAM report it to the Federal Trade Commission. Send a copy of unwanted or deceptive messages to [email protected]. The FTC uses the unsolicited emails stored in this database to pursue law enforcement actions against people who send deceptive spam email.

Let the FTC know if a "remove me" request is not honored. If you want to complain about a removal link that doesn't work or not being able to unsubscribe from a list, you can fill out the FTC's online complaint form at Your complaint will be added to the FTC's Consumer Sentinel database and made available to hundreds of law enforcement and consumer protection agencies.

Whenever you complain about spam, it's important to include the full email header. The information in the header makes it possible for consumer protection agencies to follow up on your complaint.

Send a copy of the spam to your ISP's abuse desk. Often the email address is [email protected] or [email protected]. By doing this, you can let the ISP know about the spam problem on their system and help them to stop it in the future. Make sure to include a copy of the spam, along with the full email header. At the top of the message, state that you're complaining about being spammed.

Complain to the sender's ISP. Most ISPs want to cut off spammers who abuse their system. Again, make sure to include a copy of the message and header information and state that you're complaining about spam.

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6.  Third Parties

ISP 1 contains many links to third party sites. We not responsible for the privacy practices of third party sites. Once you leave our site we have no control over your privacy.

Third-party resources that can be accessed with hypertext links from this web site are not under our control, and ISP 1 is not responsible for the contents of any of these third-party resources. The third-party links on this site are provided for your convenience only.

The inclusion of any link on this site does not imply any specific recommendation, approval or endorsement of the third party.

Please investigate any third party offers found here with their respective companies and make your own informed decisions. Review the privacy statements of each and every web site you visit to ensure your personal privacy with respect to third party offers.

The privacy information contained here pertains exclusively to the ISP 1 web site

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7.  Contact Us

If you have any questions pertaining to our privacy policy or what information we collect, and how we use such information, You can contact us using this contact form.

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8.  Policy Changes

Any changes to our privacy policy will be posted here. Continued use of the ISP 1 web site implies that you understand and agree with our privacy policy.

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