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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

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ISP 1 is a Internet Service Provider (ISP) comparison online resource. We compare and review the best broadband Internet providers offers to find you the best deal on high speed Internet service.

If your budget requires a cheaper Internet connection, ISP 1 also compares low cost dialup and high speed dial-up Internet access plans.

We provide extensive Internet access and ISP related resources. Informative articles, reviews, explanations, help guides, and Internet reference material.

This web site is updated frequently, so please bookmark and check back often for current Internet access articles and ISP provider updates.

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Google Home Digital Assistant Review

With voice control being the latest craze, Google has entered the market. Google Home consists of a voice-activated speaker powered by the Google Assistant. It is very similar in function to its competition from Amazon, The Echo and the Echo Dot which are powered by Amazon Alexa. ISP1 reviewed the Echo Dot, Alexa and integration […]


Access from AT&T SNAP Internet Discount

As a condition of the approval of the AT&T and DirecTV merger, the FCC mandated that AT&T provide an affordable low income Internet access program. The Access from AT&T program provides low cost Internet to participants of SNAP, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (Food Stamp Program). AT&T’s Access Internet service is available in any of […]


Spectrum Internet Assist Low Income Broadband

High-speed Internet at an affordable price Charter’s Spectrum Internet Assist is among the fastest of the low income Internet assistance programs available. Spectrum Internet Assist boasts 30 Mbps broadband Internet speeds with no monthly data caps and free modem rental. However, at $14.99 per month, the price is also slightly higher than competing cable Internet […]


Broadband Internet

Broadband Internet Articles

  • Broadband Internet FAQ
    • Broadband Internet Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Why use High Speed Internet? - How does broadband work? - What are the Advantages of Using Broadband? - How do I Connect to Broadband High Speed Internet ...
  • What is High Speed Internet?
    • High speed Internet, popularly referred to as broadband Internet is a faster and more improved form of getting various types of information over the Internet to an end user. Broadband is usually compared with dial-up Internet access which is basically ...
  • High-Speed Broadband Access
    • High-speed Internet access or "broadband" allows users to access the Internet and Internet-related services at significantly higher speeds than ...

Cable Internet

Cable Internet Articles

  • Cheap Cable Internet?
    • Cable companies offer affordable price rates on their services to enhance customer base especially in areas where competition is high. Choosing a cable network company that will provide you with quality Internet services depends on a number of varying factors. Cheaper costs for  ...
  • How High Speed Cable Internet Works?
    • ISP 1 article describing broadband cable Internet service. Cable Internet is a fast new way to access the Internet via your cable television wiring. Slow traditional dial up modems are rapidly being replaced by ...
  • Cable Internet FAQ
    • Cable Internet FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions About High Speed Cable Internet. What is Cable Internet? - What is a Cable Modem? - Can I Get Cable Bundles or Cable Deals? ...

Dial Up Internet

Dial Up Articles

  • Useful Tips on Using a Dial up Internet Connection
    • While high-speed Internet is becoming more popular, some people still choose to use a dial up connection, which can often be really slow. However, there are a few simple tips you can follow that will help speed up your Internet experience ...
  • How To Choose The Best Dial-Up Internet Provider?
    • ISP 1 article describing How To Choose The Best Dial-Up Internet Provider? Dial up Internet provider service is the cheapest ISP option and may well serve your needs if you only need light to moderate Internet access. Dial up is also great if you travel because unlike most broadband plans you can ...
  • Accelerated Dial-Up Internet Access
    • ISP 1 article describing accelerated dial-up Internet access. Anyone who has surfed the Internet using a dial-up connection is aware of how slow Web pages load. This is due to the fact that your dial-up ...
  • How High Speed Dial Up Internet Service Works?
    • ISP 1 article - High Speed Dial Up Internet service is an exciting new technological process that utilizes your existing dial up phone lines and computer modem. Special accelerating software is installed on your PC ...
  • What Happened To Free Internet Access?
    • ISP 1 article concerning the rapid rise and fall of "Free Internet Access". Discusses the history of free Internet access, Current free ISP options, and low cost alternatives to free Internet access.

DSL Internet

  • Broadband DSL Internet Service Deals!
    • Compare Low Cost Broadband DSL Providers. Find the Cheapest DSL Internet Service Plan Priced Within Your Budget. You'll Get Blazing Fast High Speed DSL for the Lowest Possible Cost!

DSL Internet Articles

FCC Internet Related Articles

  • Recent FCC Broadband Initiatives
    • The new President and Congress have given the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) several new jobs to complete in the effort to make broadband, or high speed access to the Internet, available to all Americans. This effort is based on the belief that every American needs to have access to broadband ...
  • FCC Policy Statement on Network Neutrality FCC 05-151
    • to ensure that broadband networks are widely deployed, open, affordable, and accessible to all consumers, the Commission adopts the following principles ...

Internet Safety Articles

  • Protect Your Identity When You're Online
    • The Internet's virtual world is an endless source of information, a thriving business area, a very active social scene and, last but not least, a place where evil doings flourish. And it's not just about hackers, but also about criminals from real-world who are waiting to find out each of your steps. This information is available because of you, from ignorance or neglect ...
  • 5 Tips to Keep your Kids Safe in Cyberspace
    • The Internet can help children to become educated but can also lead to extreme dangers if not used properly. These dangers include sexual exploitation, harassment, pornography, and other inappropriate areas of interest. Although the number of sexual predators online continues to grow, there is good news, with the knowledge of warning signs, as well as ways to  ...
  • Internet Safety
    • The Internet is often looked at as a pool of fun, where it is possible to have a great time at all times. Each and every day there are millions of photos and videos posted online, and a great deal of this material is very amusing, interesting and in a great number of cases very funny. On the other hand, the Internet also contains a lot of content that is neither funny nor amusing ...
  • How to Avoid Internet Fraud
    • It is a fact that the Internet has become very important in everybody’s life in this day and age. People use the Internet to do business; they use it to have fun, to connect with friends and family members, to study, and so forth. On the other ...
  • Internet Crime Prevention Tips
    • In spite of the fact that most of us think that we would never succumb to something similar to this, Internet crime is something very real, and something we are faced with each and every time we start using the World Wide Web. Fake lotteries, spam messages offering ...

General Internet User Help & Guides

  • Bits, Bytes & Internet Speeds?
    • We attempt to take some of the confusion out of bits, bytes, Mbps and the other jargon you’ll see when shopping for a broadband ISP or trying to evaluate your existing Internet connection speeds ...
  • How Can I Prevent SPAM Email?
    • Typically, an email spammer buys a list of email addresses from a list broker, who compiles it by "harvesting" addresses from the Internet. If your email address appears in a newsgroup posting, on a ...
  • What Is "The Cloud"?
    • There are many popular and modern terms we hear about each and every day, but we really do not know much or anything about them. As well as terms, there are also services and devices we use each and every day, while not even knowing their real names ...
  • Internet Addiction
    • In this era of technological wonders, we are enjoying the benefits that come from the plethora of useful gadgets and devices we have been introduced to. Laptops, desktop computers, smartphones ...
  • Internet History
    • The World Wide Web has become an integral part of our lives, so much that most of us cannot even begin to understand the fact that there was a time when Internet did not exist. However, the Internet as we know it today didn’t come into being all until the last decade of the 20 ...

ISP Articles

  • How to Find a Quality Internet Provider?
    • When choosing an Internet service provider (ISP) it's hard to know which one is the best. There are so many ISPs out there that it is often times confusing trying to choose one. But it doesn't have to be as hard as you think. There is no such thing as the best ISP. The best ...
  • An Expansive Look at ISP Technology
    • The acronym ISP means Internet Service Provider, which in simple terms refers to a company that is registered lawfully to ... ISP technology involves the use of relevant hardware and technology to enhance the transmission of data from ...

Satellite Internet

Satellite Internet Articles

  • Cheap Satellite Internet Service
    • Satellite Internet providers are becoming more popular as more people turn to broadband connections for Internet services. These service providers offer a wide reach and have developed a form of rural Internet access that gets to the most remote areas. Though satellite Internet has a broader coverage and does not rely on land cable installations, its speed is  ...
  • How Satellite Internet Access Works?
    • Satellite Internet is a high speed broadband solution for rural or remote areas where DSL or high-speed cable Internet access is not available. Broadband satellite Internet is available just about anywhere in ...

T1 Internet

Wireless Internet

Wireless Internet Articles

  • How to Get A Cheap Wireless Internet Connection?
    • Signing up with the first wireless Internet provider that you come across is usually not a wise decision. You should always compare wireless offers of one provider with the others in order to make an informed decision ...
  • Wireless Internet FAQ:
    • Wireless Internet Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - What is 3G broadband? - How does the EVDO wireless work? - What kind of technology is used in 3G cellular? ...

VoIP Service

  • VoIP Service
    • Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), is an exciting new technology that enables you to make voice calls using your broadband Internet connection instead of a regular phone ...


General Internet User Help & Guides

  • How Can I Prevent SPAM Email?
    • Typically, an email spammer buys a list of email addresses from a list broker, who compiles it by "harvesting" addresses from the Internet. If your email address appears in a newsgroup posting, on a ...
  • ISP Support Contact Information
    • If you need to contact billing or technical support for your current Internet service provider, choose your ISP from the ...
  • Cancel Existing Internet Service
    • To cancel service with your current provider, choose your ISP from the list below, and follow the directions provided. Make sure your new Internet service is ...
  • Internet Help
    • There are many ways you can connect your computer to the Internet, including dial-up, DSL, cable, wireless, Satellite, T1, etc. No matter which method you choose you will need ...
  • FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
    • Answers to the most frequently asked questions by users of the ISP 1 Web site.
  • Legal Disclaimer
    • Your use of this web site is subject to the following terms and conditions. By accessing this web site, you acknowledge that you have ...
  • Privacy Policy
    • Protecting your privacy is important to us. We hope the following statement will demonstrate our firm commitment to privacy ...
  • Contact Us
    • Please do not contact us about account issues. We have no power to resolve such problems. If you have billing or technical support questions, you will need to ...
  • Site Map
    • You are looking at the ISP 1 site map now!

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